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Why Responsa?

It increases Customer Satisfaction and Conversion Rate.

With Responsa, your users can find the answers they're looking for exactly when they need them.

Fewer emails, chats and calls to the Contact Center (reduced by as much as 80%).

Responsa gives automated responses, taken from your Knowledge Base, in real time and stops similar requests being escalated to your Agents, thus drastically reducing support costs.

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"67% of consumers prefer to use web self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions."

Source: Forrester Research

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Floating Widget

The Floating Widget lets you provide your users with first-class support, giving them easy, instant access to the information they need in real time.


A Virtual Assistant which allow users to interact as if they were talking to a real person, switching from a self-service to a traditional support channel if necessary, thanks to the "hybrid" conversational experience.

Easy to integrate

Just copy and paste few lines of code and you will be ready to go.

Standard integration of Responsa simply requires copy and pasting a few lines of JavaScript code.

From your Dashboard, you have full control of Knowledge Base content, the graphic style of the widget and its features.

For advanced integration, you can use our APIs and the Single Sign On.

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One keyword: Multi-channel

A single Knowledge Base synchronized everywhere

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Internal & External Knowledge Base

Improves Customer Care by providing instant support to your prospective and existing customers with a public Knowledge Base. Accelerates human resource and sales network training and onboarding by exploiting an internal Knowledge Base.

Ticketing System

If the system fails to find an answer, the user can open a ticket with the new question. Your Agents will receive real-time notification via email and can publish the answer in the Knowledge Base or reply privately just to the user who submitted the question.


The system self-learns questions from your users and, in time, will be able to answer similar questions submitted by other users in the future increasingly independently.

Insights & Analytics

Responsa provides you with real-time statistics to help you gain a better understanding of your users, their sentiments and their needs. Measure the ROI and analyses your users interactions with Responsa to find out what they're looking for and asking most frequently.

Mobile Ready

A self-service approach to mobile Customer Service. No matter where they are, your customers can use Responsa and get instant answers to their questions, even when they're on the go on a mobile device.


Using the Remarketing engine, you can tailor advertising campaigns to target user groups segmented based on their interactions with your Knowledge Base. You can choose whether to implement upsell, cross-sell or retention campaigns much more accurately because you will know exactly what the users you want to reach have actually asked for.

We help our Customers save time and reduce Customer Care costs.

“With Responsa we have been able to speed up our customer service, thanks to an innovative support channel which allows users to independently find the information they need.”

Damiano Fusina

Damiano Fusina

Bancassurance Direct and Multichannal Business - Cattolica Assicurazioni

“Responsa allowed us to save time and lower the cost of customer care, with a progressive reduction of emails and requests to our call center for general information.”

Matteo Accordi

Matteo Accordi

Bancassurance Business Protection Leader - Cattolica Assicurazioni

“One script on the page and you're done! Everything else is done from the online dashboard: knowledge base management, customization, reports... just great!”

Fabio Somaschini

Fabio Somaschini

Banca Mediolanum

“Thanks to the knowledge base we achieved two objectives: a 25% reduction of chat escalations and an increase of the conversion rate of our e-commerce website.”

Michele Petrilli

Michele Petrilli

Head of Direct Channels - Europ Assistance Italia


See how Responsa can help you reduce your customer support queries. Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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